Saturday, October 24, 2009

What We Are Up To

Last night we had a fun evening with Grandpa and Grandma. They came over for dinner and brought dessert with them. Grandma made a yummy oatmeal cake!
We were also able to babysit Easter and Jonas (our youth pastor's children). Both of them kept us laughing for the whole evening! They were so cute and funny!
Today for lunch we went to Pizza Hut. The kids are involved in the "Book-it" program there. If they read a certain amount of books per month they get a free personal pan pizza.
After Lunch we went to Tractor Supplies. They were having a get together for horse owners to show their animals. Amber loved seeing and petting the horses!
Recently we got a great deal on seasoned stakes so we cooked them on the grill tonight and had a wonderful dinner! Then some of us headed down stares to play instruments. What a fun day!

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