Monday, October 26, 2009

Update On Trey's Biopsies

Today we heard back from the Doctor's office about Trey's biopsies. They didn't find anything wrong which is a blessing so we still don't know why he is having stomach problems. Thank you everyone of your concerns.
If you think about it please pray for Trey. He is not been feeling well today. We went to the Doctor about it and it's not related to the stomach problems.
Grandpa Schnarr is getting his second Kemo treatment this Thursday. We are so thankful that God has kept him healthy so he can stay on schedule!


buzz-bee said...

Glad the biopsies were ok. Thanks for letting us know. Tell Trey I hope he feels better soon!

Ashley said...

We are happy too! I'll be sure to tell Trey! Thank you!