Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Weekend

We have had a fun but busy weekend. Thursday night we had a family game night. The seven of us played a new game, phase 10 the dice addition, and ate a yummy dessert.
Friday night Amber and I shared a fun evening with Grandma. We had ice cream and went shopping for a little while. Grandpa did the same with the boys earlier, only minus the shopping :)
Saturday, Daddy, Tyler and Grandpa went to an LU football game. Trent went to a birthday party. The rest of us helped Grandma around the house. As a reward we had dinner with homemade milk shakes and cake for dessert. What a great reward!
Sunday while the rest of us were in Church. Daddy and Tyler went with some guys from our church to the Salvation Army. They conducted a church service for the men there. Tyler got to play his guitar and Daddy led some of the music.
This Thursday Grandpa will be starting his Kemo treatments. He has about four sessions of Kemo. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for him.


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Dear Ashley,
What a wonderful and fun weekend you all had :) We're glad you can finally have time with Grandma and Grandpa Schnarr and you don't have to say "Good bye" as they leave Lynchburg anymore. I believe God is pouring out special blessings to you guys. We sure serve a loving
Lord Who wants to lavish good gifts to His children! I pray you all will enjoy "unwrapping" these precious gifts on a continually basis. All our Love, Babum and Nanny xxxooo

Ashley said...

Yes, God a really blessed us to give us both Grandparents in the same city! I'm so glad you guys are back from the beach!
love you!