Thursday, October 29, 2009

Belated Birthday Dinner

Tonight Daddy and Mommy took me out to Red Lobster for my belated birthday dinner. We had a very nice time. All three of us love shrimp so we got the endless shrimp platter where you get to choose two types of shrimp and have as much as you want. It was great! It was nice to have some alone time with them too.
Afterwards we visited Grandpa and Grandma for a few minuets. Grandpa had his second round of kemo today. He seems to be doing ok. We are so thankful for how well his body has responded to the treatments.
Today we had our piano lessons. We are starting on some Christmas music. That is always exciting for me! Sometime in December we are going to be having a Christmas recital.
Trey has been doing well the last few days. He has not felt sick for quite a while so that is good. We are also thankful none of us have gotten whatever he had!


Sandy Sellers said...

Red Lobster is where John would always want to go for his birthday. Some of the others would choose a place based on the happy birthday song they sang.
Happy late birthday.

Ashley said...

That is too funny. They didn't sing to me this time.