Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trey's Endoscope

On Sunday Daddy and Mommy took Trey to Ronoke. Trey's stomach doesn't feel well a lot of the time so he needed an endoscope to try to figure out what the problem was. Trey LOVES medical stuff so he was very excited to be able to go.
They were able to stay in a Ronald McDonald house over night. All of them thought it was very nice. The house was beautiful, they were served a nice dinner for free, the refrigerator was stocked with all the things kids love like donuts and ice cream and even the beds they slept on were "Sleep Number" beds.
Monday morning Trey had his endoscope and it went very well. They didn't really see anything but they took some biopsies and we are waiting for the results. Hopefully by Monday we will hear something.


Katherine said...

I hope Trey will be feeling better soon. I'll be praying for good results from the doctors.

buzz-bee said...

Sorry Trey's been sick! Hope they find out what's wrong. Glad the endoscope went ok.

Ashley said...

Thank you everyone for your concern!