Friday, July 3, 2009

Creation museum

When we went on Vacation this May I mentioned that we visited the Creation Museum but I was unable to give very many details. Today I'd like to share with you about the Museum.
The Creation Museum is owned by Answers in Geneses an organization dedicated to defending the Bible from the very beginning. Ken Ham, owner of A.I.G., points out that if you do not accept all of God's word as truth, starting in Geneses, then you have no basis for believing the rest of the Bible. If you don't think God really meant what He said in one aria how do you know what He said in other places in the Bible is true? You need to accept all of God's word not pick and choose the parts you like.
Evolution is in my opinion Satan's greatest tactic of our time to undermine the word of God. Evolution tries to claim something, billions of years for instance, as fact when in reality it is only speculation. No one has every had any hard evidence for evolution however through media, text books etc... evolution is presented as a definite fact. Answers in Geneses shows how in actuality science proves that the Bible is true. That God created the earth in 6 literal days, not billions of years. If you dig deeper you will see how the account in Geneses fits with better with science then evolution dose.
The Creation Museum gives many defences for the Bible that you will not hear in many other places. The museum was made very well, it is very high tech, lots of life sized dinosaur replicas, beautiful grounds out side, a planetarium but most importantly everything is compatible with the Bible.
I would recommend the Museum to any one. As one of the signs say "I went and I believed". If you have any doubts I would urge you to go. It will change your life.

If you have any questions concerning creation vs. evolution I'd love to try to answer them for you or you can go to . This website can give you answers for almost anything to do with the topic. It has lots of articles and even video clips with tons of information.

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