Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bug Bombs

Recently we have had a moths on the ceiling of our house. We tried to get rid of them by killing them one by one but that didn't seem to work. Today we decided to set off a few bug bombs to get rid of them all, for good. When you use the bug bomb you have to leave the house for so many hours before going back in. We packed up everyone including the dogs and birds and spent the day at Babum and Nanny's.
Even though it was some what of a surprise visit it turned out to be a very nice time. Amber, Trent and Trey were able to take a walk around the lake with the dogs. Cole surprised us by actually going into the lake! That was a mess! And we were able to have a good time visiting with Nanny for the afternoon.


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

I put those moths in your house to have an excuse to have you guys over :)))))))
nanny xxxxoo

Ashley said...

Ha Ha! Do it again soon!