Friday, June 5, 2009

The Last of Our Branson Vacation

One of the last things we did on our Branson vacation was go horse riding. This was Amber's favorite thing about the trip, I think. She has, had a fascination with horses for quite a while but this was her first time to really get to ride one. A guide took us all on a 45 min. horse ride on a nice trail. We were able to see some pretty flowers and some great views of the mountains. I think Amber thoroughly enjoyed herself and everyone else had a good time too.

Well, that about sums up our vacation. We had a great trip! Thank you to all the faithful followers of "Whatever is True". I won't bore you with any more vacation pictures :)


Sandy Sellers said...

I have loved looking at the pictures. It is great to creat memories for a life time. Love ya

buzz-bee said...

Ashley, glad Amber (and everyone) got to go on a horseride. Lacey would have loved that, too! Thanks again for sharing your vacation, I've enjoyed it!