Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Antistas

Mr. & Mrs. Antista

One night while we were in Branson we had the chance to meet some of Daddy's friends that lived in the aria. Their names were Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Phyllis Antista. We had a great time with them! We all went out to dinner at a restaurant called McFarland's. I've never seen a restaurant like it before. Out side there were all kinds of stores you cold buy souvenirs from and inside they had great food with a fun atmosphere. Some of the tables they had were trick tables that slowly got higher as you ate. It was funny to see people eating and the next thing they knew the table was up to their chins!
After we ate dinner the Antista's came to our time share for coffee. We were able to show them our instruments and give them a mini "concert". After that we got to hear Daddy and the Mr. Antista tell funny stories about going to the church together, years ago.

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