Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sight & Sound

Yesterday we visited the Sight and Sound Theater. Sight and Sound is a theater that reenacts Bible events. The musical we saw was Noah's ark. It was great! Everything was portrayed very well. They showed the seriousness of the event and the parallel between Noah ark and the and Jesus dieing on the cross, as well as adding some fun songs and other elements. In one scene they made the auditorium look like an ark. Seeing that, made it easier to see how all the animals could have fit in the ark, along with eight people. The best part was that at the end they clearly reveled the plan of salvation.
I would defiantly recommend it to others. They not only show Noah's Ark but Danial, Ruth, Creation and at Christmas time Jesus' birth as well.

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Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

So glad you had a great time! Continue having fun and take pictures for us to see. We love you all!!
All our love,
Nanny and Babum
Sydney and Cole