Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roy Rogers Museum

Several of the people in our family are big cowboy fans, Roy Rogers fans in particular. Today we had the opportunity to visit the Roy Rogers museum. It was very good. The museum had a lot of pictures of Roy and Dale, it had many of Roy's Cowboy clothing including boot, hats etc... it also had lots of the toys and such with the Roy Rogers stamp of approval. Roy Jr. said that all the toys were tested by Roy Roger's 9 children before they were sold.

Roy Jr. had a show of his own. We took some time to watch him sing and tell stories about his Dad and Mom (Roy & Dale). Something that I didn't know about Roy was that he had a wife before Dale however she died not long after they were married. When Roy and Dale got married they had a child of their own but she died of down syndrome just after her second birthday. The Rogers decided that instead of having more of their own children with the probability of them also having down syndrome, they would adopt. My understanding is that they adopted seven children.


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

I am jealous I couldn't be there with you and sing along - "Happy trails to you, until we see you again . . . " It is one of my all time favorites!

Aunt Denee said...

This looks neat. I'll have to make a list of these exciting places. Micah and Uncle Joel will enjoy going here

Aundrea said...

That sounds so cool. My grandpa is a Roy Rogers fan. He would love to see it. If we go there when we are at Branson I will have to take a lot of pictures to show him. Well have more fun.