Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Profile of: Amber Brook

I have decided to periodically give you a "profile" of each of the members in our family. I hope to be provide recent information as well as pictures for each person as I did for Amber, below.

Amber is an energetic eleven year old who loves the out doors. She doesn't mind getting dirty, for instance, this spring she and Trey have planted their own garden in our back yard. She is very faithful to taking care of it. She also has a girly side. She enjoys dressing up for church and having her hair done for recitals and such.
Amber enjoys music and plays the banjo and piano. She has been asked several times to play in church along with her other siblings.
Amber's heart is very soft to the things of God and we have seen immense spiritual growth over the past year.
She is very good at remembering to thank people for things. Probably the most common way for her to do that is by writing a note expressing her love and thankfulness. Her notes are always very thought out and detailed, from the words she uses, to the way she decorates the letter.


buzz-bee said...

How nice of you to do this, Ashley! I'll be looking forward to all of your profiles and pictures!

Ashley said...

thank you for your comment