Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bungee Trampoline

Today after traveling for several hrs. we stopped at a mall to shop and get some lunch. The mall was very big. It was much larger than our mall at home. In one section they had a trampoline bungee jumping aria. Basically you a get strapped to bungee cords and jump on a trampoline. You go much higher than you would without the cords. It everyone enjoyed it. I even took a turn, if you can believe it.

After wards we visited one of Daddy's college friends, Bill Blakley. He is a pastor of a church that prints Bible to send to different countries. We got to take a tour of the print shop. It was really cool to see how everything worked.

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buzz-bee said...

I bet that felt good after the long hours in the car! Looks like a fun vacation!