Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peruvian Cuisine

My mom Nanny and I went to a Peruvian restaurant for lunch, with the homeschool group. Like I mentioned before our family has been studying the country of Peru and this was a great way to experience Peru's culture even more. The food was really pretty good. A lot the food we were familiar with like pinto beans and rice pudding. In Peru they use a lot of spices which they add to chicken, rice, potatoes etc... In the restaurant they also had a special drink they served made from purple corn. It tasted like watered down cranberry juice. Not bad but I wouldn't order it again.
Potatoes are another big thing in Peru. That is actually one of the things our family talked about at the geography party. It was neat to be able to taste some authentically cooked potatoes at the restaurant. One of the ways they serve them in Peru is stuffed with ground beef. That wasn't bad at all.
If you are every feeling adventurous you might want to try out a Peruvian restaurant. We had fun with it!


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

I enjoyed your post on the restaurant. I agree it was pretty good food. I had forgotten about the beverage we sampled, that wasn't too bad either.
I love you,
Nanny :)

Ashley said...

oh, thank you!