Thursday, March 12, 2009

Over View of Our School Year

Tyler is in 9th grade this year and is doing very well in school. Right now he is studying the Greek language and Algebra among other things. He is also learning Physical Science and got 100% on his test yesterday!

Amber, Trent and Trey are all doing the same work for school. And we can all see them progressing a lot this year!

As I have mentioned before I am graduation this year and have completed all my school books. I'm very excited to see what God's has for me next.

Not only do we go through work books but last summer we finished "Answers Academy" from Answers in Genesis. "Answers Academy" is a series of DVDs that teaches how to defend your faith against evolution. Giving us the answers on why things such as carbon dating, the Grand Canon and fossils do not support evolution. The series was very good and we would recommend it to anyone. The coolest thing was that even though some of the things we learned were difficult to comprehend even Amber, Trent and Trey now understand the difference between Macro-Evolution and Micro-Evolution, that the earth is only a few thousand years old and therefore fossils are not billions of years old and that the Grand Cannon was laid down quickly by the World Wide Flood not millions of years!

We are starting to get to the end of our school year but we have more things planed for this summer that we will learn a lot from such as "Drive-thru History" and reading the book Mrs. Marilyn Boyer wrote "For You They Signed". Last summer we focused more on science this year we will learn more about history and particularly the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Here are a few sites your can look at to view some of the products mentioned: "For You They Signed" - "Answers Academy"-


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Dear Ashley,
Great post! I am proud of each of you and your perseverence in your studies and your teachers!
Nanny and Babum xxoo

buzz-bee said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog...and listening to your singing (and family music)! Ashley, you sing beautifully! You're very talented in singing and in cake decorating!

Faye (Vicky's Mom)
"Buzz Bee"

Ashley said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! I love getting feed back!

Anonymous said...

What are you planning on doing after graduation?

Ashley said...

I'm not sure what the Lord has for me once I have graduated. I am still praying about it. Thank you for asking.