Saturday, March 7, 2009

Family Fun

Cole checking to see if I posted anything new
I know it's sad that I haven't been able to post for a while! We have been having computer trouble but it's fixed now! (I found Cole like this the other morning, just had to get a picture)
Earlier this week we went to our grandparent's house. Scottie and Lacey (our cousins) were staying there for the night because their power was out due to the snow. While we only got about four inches of snow they got quite a lot and so did Nanny and Babum (what we call our grandparents). So they all went sledding with Scottie and Lacey, on the hills in Lake Vista.
Tyler had some friends over last night. They all went to a Liberty hockey game, then they came home a played video games. It sounded like they had a lot fun and actually got some sleep last nigh!
I spent the night at Babum and Nanny's house. We had a lot of fun! I showed Nanny some things on the Internet for the blog. Then we went to the mall and went shopping. I had a nice time with Babum this morning drinking coffee and talking.
Right now Tyler is practicing for a robotic competition with one of his friends. They got a kit in the mail and built there own robot. Liberty University is having a competition, with a scholarship as the prize.

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