Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Class Activities

My parents are the activity directors for the Abundant Life Sunday school class. They have come up with a lot of fun activities for both couples and families. Some of the things they have organized are a bond fire and sing-a-long, a couples night at Koto's restaurant, class afterglows and some great Christmas parties. One of the next activities they are planning for the class is a camping trip. The class will be going to a camp site about an hour away. We have been there before and really enjoyed it. The camp site has quite a few choices when it comes to camping, you can go the tent route, or there are places for campers to be hooked up and for us city people they have cute little cabins with all the modern conveniences. The class will be going on October but there is a lot of planning that goes into a trip like this so we are starting now. We are hoping to have a bond fire, some devotionals, the camp ground has a hay ride and a nice little creek and some good hiking places. It looks like it will be a lot fun for everyone who can make it!

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