Friday, November 13, 2009

The Flood

The last few days have been very rainy at our house. Unfortunately all this rain has caused Grandpa and Grandma's basement to flood. We dropped by their house on Wednesday and I ran down stairs to get something. I heard the sound of trickling water and thought I'd check it out. Good thing I did because their storage room had about two inches of water in it! With the help of a very nice neighbor man we were able to get all the water out of the room only to have it fill up again later.

We are thankful the water just puddle in the other rooms down stairs and only minimal damage was done to the boxes in the basement. We are still working on a solution but hopefully it will be resolved soon.


buzz-bee said...

Sorry to hear that...I know it must be stressful for them. Maybe they will need a sump pump installed or just waterproofing. Hope they find a solution soon.

Ashley said...

Thank you for your concern and suggestions. I appreciate that. They do have a sump pump but unfortunately it was not placed very well. Thank you!