Thursday, August 27, 2009

Knit Together with Love Project 2009

When I was twelve years old I went on a missions trip to France and Russia, with my Grandparents. While I was in Russia we visited an orphanage. I was able to give my testimony to the children and help pass out gifts a Russian missionary had brought. The gifts were small, things like mittens, slippers and candy. It really touched my heart to see how excited the children were about receiving the gifts. These little presents were things that we Americans probably wouldn't think twice about receiving but to these children it was everything.

I had recently learned to knit scarves and when I came home from Russia God laid on my heart to get a few of my friends together and knit scarves to send to the orphanage. We were able to send 21 scarves in our first year. I have been able to continue doing this project for five years, and the volume of scarves has increased each year. We have been able to send over 200 scarves. Each year we have done a different country: Russia, France, Nepal, China and the Slavic Republic. This year I am sending the scarves to Romania. Our goal will be to send 50 scarves but it would be great to send more! I would love to have new volunteers help me out this year! If you can knit or crochet that is great! You can be a huge blessing to a child in Romania. All I ask is that the scarves be at least 21 inches long, they need to be brand new and homemade. I will need them by December 6th, so I can have time to send them before Christmas. Also if you could remember we will be sending the scarves to boys as well as girls so making a few for both genders would be appreciated.
Maybe you can only commit to one scarf. Maybe you have lots of time on your hands and you could commit to five or six. Whatever the case I'd love for you to help. I'll need to have your commitment by September 27th.
Don't know how to make scarves? There is another way you could be a tremendous blessing. Sending a large box over seas can be expensive, $200 or more depending on the country we send it to. We would really appreciate your financial support if you aren't able to make a scarf. Even a few dollars would help off set the cost.
Over the years I have had many encouraging reports from the missionaries we sent the scarves to. They have been able to use them as evangelistic tools and encouragement for their women and children's ministries.
If you would like to help this years "Knit Together with Love Project" either by donating a scarf or supporting the project financially please e-mail me at
Thank you so much to those of you who have helped in the past. I know your gifts have been a blessing.

Colossians 2:2 "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love..."


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Neat Ashley... we're blessed to have a grandaughter who has such a sensitive heart.
All our love,
Babum and Nanny

Ashley said...

Thank you for being the ones to take me on that life changing trip!