Monday, August 24, 2009

Bible Verse Charts

Our family will be starting school again in the next couple of weeks. Since I have graduated I will be helping my mom this year with teaching the younger kids. She has given me several subjects to teach including Bible verse memorization, an art class, a cooking class, spelling class and I will be helping them with their dyslexia exercises. I am getting kind of excited about it all, much more than when I was the one actually being taught. :) Funny how that works!

Today I helped the younger kids decorate Bible verse memorization charts. We used adds from the Sunday news paper and cut out words and pictures to glue on the charts. I think the kids had fun and it will be nice to have personalized charts for school.


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

How creative and how excited your students must must be a born teacher just like your parents! It sounds like it will be a good year. God bless you all and of course the Principals :)
Babum and Nanny xxxoo

Ashley said...

Thank you!