Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fine Dinning

We had a very busy day today. I had to work, Tyler went out to lunch with the youth pastor, Amber, Trent and Trey had music lessons and Mommy had a lady's Bible study to go to. The thing I enjoyed most about today was going out to dinner with Daddy.
This summer I won a gift card to Crown Sterling, a formal restaurant, near our house. We had never had a chance to use it until tonight. We had a great time! I had fun getting dressed up, the food was wonderful, and the atmosphere was nice too but what I enjoyed most of all was having some time alone with Daddy. We were able to just talk and laugh. We really had a fun evening and I am blesses to have such wonderful parents.

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh, how sweet! Bet Daddy was blessed by a precious daughter in return.
Babum and Nanny xxoo