Friday, March 26, 2010


Today I finally have a couple of seconds to blog. I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time.
Spring seems to be here to stay. I’m loving the nice weather! The kids have been enjoying it too.

One day last week we went to the LU monogram to have a picnic lunch. If you haven’t gone I would certainly suggest it. The view of Lynchburg is beautiful. We hiked to the monogram but there is a road to you can drive up there if you would prefer not to walk.

I’ve been busy getting lots of good deals lately. Right now I really don’t have time to blog about them on A Real Steal but I would suggest if you are on the look out for good deals.
I just found out tonight that I am going to have to send my laptop back in for repairs. So, I probably will not have a lot of time to blog in the near future but I will try to update you as time allows.


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Well, hello, hello :)
Sorry you have to send your laptop in for repairs :(
Going to have you change our blog background when you get a chance.
Love always,

Ashley said...

I would be happy to change it for you. You can just email me the name of the background you want and I'll put it on there for you.
love you