Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Light Looking

Tonight Daddy left work and doesn't have to go back until after January!!!  It is so nice to have him off of work for while!

To kick off his vacation time we went out looking at Christmas lights.  This is something we've done for a very long time.  We always look forward to it.  All of us get in our Pajamas, grab some cookies, pop-corn and hot chocolate and head to the van.  Then we drive all around Lynchburg and Bedford looking at lights. 

Two places that we always make sure and go see are the Elks Home and a house in Bedford with a HUGE yard and tons of decorations.  Both places have great displays!

One thing I would not recommend is taking the side streets.  The snow is beautiful with the lights but not worth getting stuck in for twenty minutes!  Thankfully a nice man who's house we were stuck in front of, let us use some of his salt to melt the ice and a group of people caroling were kind enough to give us a push!  That was an experience!

We really did have a good evening though.  We stayed out for almost three hrs.  It was great being together as a family too.


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

That sounds so neat. The only thing I would change is the jammie part...probably not a good outfit to be caught in when the van gets stuck :)))))

Ashley said...

Yes, I was glad we didn't have to get out of the van and push! That would have been embarrassing!