Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Volunteers Please!

We have had so many wonderful people help with the finical end of the 2009 Knit Together with Love scarf project. Thank you all so very much! Your gifts are going to be such a blessing!
We have had quite a few people offer to help us knit scarves as well. Thank you so much everyone who has committed to do that. But we are still looking for more volunteers. If you could help us reach our goal of 50 scarves sent to Romania I would greatly appreciate it. Any number of scarves would be a huge help!
For more information about the project please click the link at the top of this page. There I have the full story and the scarf requirements.
Thank you everyone!


Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

I love your background !!
And I love you :)
Nanny xxx000

Ashley said...