Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nanny's Birthday

Today we celebrated Nanny's 59th. birthday. We all went over to our grandparents house, along with Aunt Vicky, Scot and Lacey (Uncle Scot was not feeling well and unfortunately couldn't make it). Babum had ordered pizza for dinner so we all enjoyed that. Then on to the presents and cake. Nanny's favorite type of cake is white with lots of icing. She also likes swans so I made her a cake with swans swimming in a lake (the picture is above, if you would like to see more cakes click on the "Ashley's creative cakes link on the side).

Afterwards Tyler, Amber Trent and Trey played with Scot and Lacey downstairs and the rest of us talked in the living room.

We are all very blessed to have such a wonderful Nanny!

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