Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baked Goods

We have been making a lot of baked-goods lately. Today I made Christmas cookies shaped like Christmas trees. The others made scones, chocolate dipped pretzels and my mom is in the proses of making chocolate truffles.
The scones are a family tradition. Daddy bakes them and we pass them out to friends and neighbors.
Another family tradition we have is making gingerbread houses. Each year they seem to get bigger. Amber made a school house complete with a bell and Trent made one with a pretzel fence around it. Tyler made one that has the windows cut-out so you can see inside. Trey's house has one of the side taken off so he can decorate the inside too. My house is the one with the Christmas tree in front and a wood shed.


buzz-bee said...

Oh,I LOVE the gingerbread houses! You all do such a great job on them. :-)

Ashley said...

Thank you we had fun makeing them!